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What is the Junior Hockey Truth?

Mission: To help bantam and midget hockey players (and their parents) reach their dreams of succeeding at junior hockey.

The Junior Hockey Truth Blog is an impartial information source for bantam and midget hockey players (and their parents) looking to play junior hockey.

As a bantam and midget hockey player, JHT creator Nick Olynyk was recruited by many teams in multiple leagues. Every one had their own unique spin and contradicting messages. By the time he finished Major Junior and Junior A hockey, Nick had played on six teams in four leagues (and was property of four others). He thought he saw everything in junior hockey… except objective resources for future players and their parents.

With a little encouragement from his own Dad, Nick wrote the Junior Hockey Truth: a hockey parent’s guide to scouting, education and your son’s career. Nick’s mission with this book and his site are to give players and parents the real story about junior hockey, the truth.

Today, Nick consults players from all over North America on their junior options. He also regularly interacts with leagues, their commissioners, and others in the junior hockey community to provide the best information possible.

“Every player has a different path, and no one path is better than the other. Hopefully, this blog helps to get you there.” – Nick Olynyk

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