“What Equipment Do I Get In Junior?”

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As a player, your gear is your tools. It’s sacred and you have rituals around wearing it…

So, it’s not surprising that players are curious about what gear is provided for them in junior. I answer that today, AND…

I also let you know if you MUST use a certain brand of gear, even if you don’t like it.

Prepare to be wisked away for my chilliest video yet, in the most uncanny location for cold…

Here’s the skinny around the gear you’ll wear in Tier I:

  • Major Equipment Sponsors. In the CHL, you have many options. In the USHL, it must be CCM stuff. It’s all free, including twigs. Teams order in bundles and the vets, usually, pick the curves. Pretty rare to get custom curves, and usually that is the company trying to recruit a first-rounder or WJC player
  • You get sized up by reps for skates at the beginning of the year. You’ll be after the pro guys, so this happens in late-October, early November.
  • Goalies get custom gear. You can get “skins” for your pads. This means if you love Velocities but you have to use CCM’s, you can get a Velocity body with a CCM stencil, essentially. Mix and match and move straps too.
  • It’s like the whole team will use the same lids, pants and gloves

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Stick Anatomy from Pro Stock Hockey, a site where you can buy hockey sticks that are pro returns

Here what you can expect in Tier II:

  • Some leagues have major sponsors, such as Bauer. Others have sponsors, but the companies are the kind that have no NHL guys using their gear. If your league has a sponsorship deal, which most do, you’ll probably be using their stuff./li>

  • Expect some stuff to be passed down to you if you’re a rookie and your team is on a budget.
  • Some teams will kick in for gear, such as skates, if you’re a top player and they have a budget. )Shhhh, don’t tell the other guys…)
  • Only top goalies on teams with budgets get gear. When I was sent down, my team got a dub team to order my stuff so it was still pro stock specs and weight. Most guys just order from the store though and I did this time to time too.
  • You may all have matching lids and gloves, or they’ll at least be the same color. You’ll use pant covers, most likely.
  • If your team doesn’t have a sponsorship deal, even with the help of the local sports store, you’ll probably shell out for something, such as skates, etc.

In my book, I give you all the insider info about what kind of gear you’ll get in junior, but the video above has a quick teaser.

by Nick Olynyk (47 Posts)

Nick Olynyk is a junior hockey expert and author of the Junior Hockey Truth, a book series for parents of bantam and midget hockey players approaching junior hockey. To check out his book for bantam and midget hockey parents, go to: www.juniorhockeybook.com

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