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Hi Parents (and Players),

I have an exciting new video I want to show you…

(In fact, if your son wants to play Junior Hockey in America, he DESERVES to see it…)

I’ve went through months of research and interviews, emails and calls, with coaches, scouts and managers of ALL the American junior hockey leagues, including tier III Junior A hockey leagues.

That’s EVERY, SINGLE league in United States that your son could play for…

And I found out some interesting information…

Did you know that:

  • Some league in America get nearly EVERY one of their players a scholarship, but others get practically no good scholarships, at all
  • The leagues that get practically no scholarships are the ones that charge YOU money to play in them
  • The leagues that cost nothing are also the best leagues!

Isn’t it crazy that they can do things like that?!

What’s even more interesting is that where your family lives will affect whether or not your son will have to move away from home to play in a good league.

It’s like this…

Some players are born into “hockey parts” of the country—there are lots of great leagues and team around that get players like your son REAL scholarships…

BUT, there are also parts of the country where junior hockey is poor. Don’t get me wrong: the hockey is there, but it is not as good as it should be.

Nary I say it: if your son never leaves a weak hockey region his career is basically dead.

AND, if you live in a good part of the country and send him to the wrong league, he STILL won’t be in the position to get a scholarship AND it will STILL cost you money.

You really have to know which is the right and wrong place to play, and when it is right (or wrong) to pay to play…

If this sounds like it should be easier to figure out, you’re absolutely right… The junior hockey leagues in America shouldn’t be that difficult to navigate, and that’s why I’ve made my Play USA Junior Hockey guide…

If you’d like to get your copy, simply click here for more info.


You’ll be glad you did,

P.S. I also talk about how to get an NCAA scholarship too 😉

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