The Most Important Times Of Year To Get Scouted

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It’s said scouting is a year-round affair nowadays.

Yet, the times of year a player gets scouted could be divided into four categories:

  1. Regular Season (and pre-season, which is very important in junior)
  2. Tournaments
  3. Scouting Combines
  4. Playoffs

Since this article is being published just as AAA playoffs begin in most places, we’re going to talk about why playoffs can be the best time of year to get scouted.

Here is why playoffs are a great time of year to be scouted:

1) Scouts Love Winners – Winning is not something that can be learned without being earned. If you play on a winning team, you get the brand of a winner. A manager, coach or scout want to recruit past winners because they’ll enhance the culture in the dressing room. There will be an expectation of winning from the players themselves. Once you win, you never take comfort in losing again. Winners are accountable.

2) You’re Playing Games When Losers Aren’t – Not only are there less teams (and players) playing in the playoffs, but also you end up playing longer. With each round your team wins, you earn more games to play in front of scouts. By virtue of numbers you will get scouted more, and of course scouts want to watch the winning teams.

3) Playoffs Are Closer To The Drafts – If you are a player in your draft year, playing in playoffs means you’re the last players that scouts get to see and obviously they get to see you playing your best hockey since your team is winning

4) You Get More Games To Develop – The more games you play, the more of a chance you have to develop. You also get to play these games under the do-or-die pressure of the playoffs. By the end of the bantam season, you’re playing against guys who are essentially midget players. By the end of the midget season, you’re playing against guy who are essentially junior players. This only happens in playoffs; at the beginning of the year everybody is only 0 – 50% through their bantam/midget career.

5) It’s The Greatest Test You Face As A Player – It’s one thing to be playing winning, skilled hockey. It’s another to have the ability to show your character. Playoffs allows this in ways that the regular season doesn’t. Players have to play through injury (and scouts will know this), players have to suck it up after a bad call or cheap shot, and players have to battle like their lives are on the line. You don’t get the benefit of that intensity in mid-November.

Best of luck this year to everybody in playoffs. (Best of luck getting scouted too!)


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