How Scouting Camps Will Get Your Son A Tryout

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If your son is a player who is not getting seen enough by junior coaches this interview will show you the loophole to getting scouted…

Scouting camps are tournaments put together independent of leagues. Players invited get divided into teams and play games in front of a crowd comprised only of scouts. Often, their primary purpose is to get players scouted. Period.

Nate Leslie is the director of West Coast Hockey Prep Camp, a scouting camp based in British Columbia.

I invited Nate to speak because his camp goes beyond just scouting. West Coast Prep Camp gives players a unique chance to develop WITH junior coaches while they can get scouted.

In fact, players have even been signed right out of the camp as Nate explains…

[00:56] Why Nick Hasn’t Talked About Scouting Camps… Until Now
[02:38] Where A Scouting Camp Can Take Your Son If He’s Not Getting Tryouts
[05:42] What Parents Should Look For In Choosing A Scouting Camp With Their Son
[07:10] Nick Tells A Horror Story Of A Scouting Camp He Attended
[08:07] Nate Has A Message For Parents About Making Excuses
[08:40] Nate Tells The Truth About Junior A Spring Camps And What Camp Invites Mean
[10:23] How To Choose Which Springs Camps Your Son Should Attend In Bantam/Midget
[11:15] What Factors To Look For In A Quality Scouting Camp
[12:24] The Surprising Truth About How Scouting Really Works Amongst Rival Coaching
[16:09] One Thing Coaches HATE That May Give Your Son His Big Break (& Change His Life)
[17:08] Nick Gives The Secret How American Players Can Get Scouted By Junior Teams
[17:45] How Your Character Within The “Hockey Fraternity” Has A Lifetime Effect On You
[19:49] Nate’s Dad Is A Pro Coach – These Are The 3 Things He Asks About Players He Scouts
[20:55] Why Your Son Wants To Contact Coaches For Tryouts
[22:15] This One Ironic Thing Makes Canadian Players Jealous Of American Player
[23:04] Nick’s Secret Formula For Getting Invited To Training Camps
[24:12] How The West Coast Prep Camp Gets Players Junior Hockey Tryouts AND Improves A Player’s Skills
For more info on the West Coast Hockey Prep Camp, click here.

Check out Nate’s other sites too:

Common Questions About Hockey Scouting Camps

How Do Does My Son Attend A Scouting Camp?

There are two kinds of camps I’ve seen: invite and non-invite. Any kind of camp will be better if it is by invite only. There will be stronger players and thus more scouts. Your son can get invited simply by being watched during the season or more likely by playing at a certain level or in a certain league. If he is not invited, you can contact camps and ask for an invite.

(Players: Sorry, I do not know if your league is getting watched by scouts…)

How Do I Know If A Scouting Camp Is A Quality Camp With Quality Scouts?

The best scouting camps publish a list of which scouts will be in attendance. This should be part of their promotional material. Attend a camp that has scouts from the league your son wants to play in.

If you have a question about scouting camps, put it in the comment box below and I’ll answer.


by Nick Olynyk (47 Posts)

Nick Olynyk is a junior hockey expert and author of the Junior Hockey Truth, a book series for parents of bantam and midget hockey players approaching junior hockey. To check out his book for bantam and midget hockey parents, go to: www.juniorhockeybook.com

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