25 Most Important Bicycles of All Time

Italian bicycle brand founded by former pro cyclist. Single speed bicycle brand, manufactured in northern Italy. With a history which goes back to 1945, the bikes have a timeless appeal. The company now produces modern bikes which are backed by extensive research. Many hybrid bikes that are considered as commuter-friendly models include fenders, racks and lighting systems.

Established in 1929’s UK, Dawes is one of the brands which offers affordable bikes around the world. Cube is a brand orientated towards active people. With a large range of bikes, Cube also offers wear and equipment options. Corsa is one of the manufacturers focusing on different types of bikes for the entire family.

Understanding how devastating it is to have a bike stolen, I’ve researched & immersed myself in the world of bicycle security since 2013. If interested, you can read more about me here. Not all bike names have to be bold, dark, and mysterious to be cool. After all, cycling makes you happy, so why not have your bike name represent that joy? If you own a bright yellow and black cycle with some tingling belled handlebars, this name will suit your ride perfectly and is bound to make you stand out from the crowd.

These are the terms used to describe the cluster of cogs on the middle of the rear wheel. The terms are not interchangeable and while freewheels and cassettes look very similar, there are differences. You can get the most affordable cycles & e-bikes too.

Focused on proper aerodynamics and efficiency, the bikes made by Blue Competition Cycles are recommended for dedicated cyclists. The aim of the manufacturer is to balance speed, power, and efficiency. Established in 1909, BH bikes offer a wide selection for cyclists of all skills. From early mentorship in the 90’s to winning the best road bike UK award, Darren Baum has created a unique company for the skilled cyclist.

If you ride an orange bike that helps you navigate your way out of sticky or scary situations, Velma is a funny and very suitable bike name. Karen is one of the funniest girl names for bikes and will have your friends laughing hysterically when you explain the meaning behind the name. If your bike hardly moves and sits there watching the days go by, then give it the funny name it deserves.

Though all the bikes in the first Tour de France were designed similarly, it was appropriately a French bike that came out on top. All of the first five finishers, including winner Maurice Garin, rode in on La Français Diamant. Don’t pick a name that could menford be limiting as your business grows. When naming a startup company, there are many different things to consider. As we have discussed above, your brand name must align with what you’re selling and how you want your customers to view your business.

Cyclocross bikes are primarily designed to be raced around a dirt trail that consists of different obstacles and blockages placed at various intervals. The purpose behind those barriers is that the rider or cyclist has to dismount mid-cycling and carry the bicycle for different short periods of time. Hybrid bikes are best described as a mix of road, mountain and touring bike designs, making them more of “do-it-all” kind of bikes that cater to a wide range of uses. These bikes usually sport a combination of large road bike sized wheels that make them work amazingly well on both paved trails and smooth dirt. They also feature a flat bar and a heads-up ride to ensure better view and comfort while riding.

Founded in Bavaria in 1993, GHOST-Bikes offers a large selection of bikes made right in the heart of Europe. Gary Fisher bikes are no longer manufactured. However, the inspired designs are still available in some stores. Dahon sells aluminum and steel bikes and accessories which are recommended for the urban cyclist.

You can use this fact to create a better brand identity by selecting an interesting or unique name that will stick with potential customers over time. The good idea is to choose a name that’s easy to pronounce and spell, so customers don’t have trouble finding your website or contacting you with questions about your products or services. The brand offers quality bicycles which are looking into low-impact lifestyles.

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