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It’s not often that I find myself rooting for a professional athlete. However, this year, I’m rooting for Cal in my hometown of Stockton, California. The Golden Bears have been on the rise the past few seasons due to the return of a talented freshman class. With a lot of attention being paid to the team, Cal is on hot streak.

I’ve always been a Cal fanatic. I love the school because of the history and the tradition, but also because of the beautiful weather and the talent on the team. Last year I was an avid reader of the Stockton Journal and I found a lot of great articles about Cal. I’m not the biggest fan of the team, but I do support Cal’s goal of reaching the NCAA tournament in 2012.

Cal has won five NCAA national championships and the most recent being back in 2003. That’s pretty good for any school, but I think the team has improved a lot this year. If you don’t know, Cal has a really nice tradition of being good and winning, so hopefully Cals best ever season will be remembered.

Cal’s team has become a lot more competitive this year. Last season they were 1-9 in their first nine NCAA games. This year they’ve lost in Round of 8 in the second round, and they’ve been eliminated from the tournament in the first round.

I think the biggest problem the Cal team has had is inconsistency. They played much better than they did the previous few years. Maybe they just needed a break, maybe they needed a new found energy, maybe it was just a bad year for the whole team. Whatever the case, the Cal team has had a huge improvement this year, and theyve been playing much better.

Cal has had a pretty rough year. One of their main players, Ryan Fitzgerald, has been suspended indefinitely for what appears to be a DUI. Its not clear what the punishment will be, but he’s going to miss the rest of the season. There have also been rumors of the team taking time off, so Cal is really going to miss the rest of the season. Theyve had trouble keeping the team together, and the big question mark is whether or not Cal can win a championship.

Cal has been trying to be a team that wants to win, and theyve been trying to be a team that wants to go to the playoffs. Theyve been trying to be a team that has players that want to win. Theyve been trying to be a team that would probably be the best in the nation if they wanted to win it all.

Thats one of the reasons that the Cal hockey team is so successful. They have players that want to win, and theyve been trying to do this for the past few seasons. Theyve been trying to be a team that wants to go to the playoffs, and theyve been trying to be a team that wants to win, and it is working at its best.

I agree with this. Cal hockey has won the Pac-10 and the NCAA tournament in the past two years, and it seems as though they are building on that success. Their success has a lot to do with their players and the work they put in. It is also worth noting that Cal has just had a coaching change, and it seems as though they are trying to take their game to the next level.

In college hockey, it seems as though we are seeing a progression in the game that is becoming more of a competition. This is something that I do not think I would have noticed just three years ago. The Pac-10 and NCAA tournament are both the second and third ranked teams in the country in terms of conference and national rankings. The Pac-10, which includes Cal, is ranked #1 in the NCAA, and the Pac-10 has won the tournament more than any other conference.

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