25 Surprising Facts About checking in hockey

This is a post about our blog (taken from our latest post), which is all about hockey. We are excited to bring you hockey and its fans in a fresh look. Check back often for new hockey content and lots of behind-the-scenes looks.

It’s the same as the last post, but in a completely different format. This week we’re taking a look at the latest NHL season and its playoffs. We’ll be highlighting the best and most popular players to watch, the biggest controversies, and the most ridiculous lines.

As you might have guessed, this is a series of blog posts that highlight the top five players in each conference (which this year is the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference), the top five playoff matchups, the top five lines, and top five controversies. If you are not familiar with hockey, this is basically your typical hockey podcast. These posts are meant to help you get up to speed with the biggest names in the sport.

I have to confess, I haven’t yet gotten to the hockey part of this series. If you are a hockey fan, then this series will provide great content for you. I’m only just getting into the hockey portion, so there is so much to say.

The Western Conference is, of course, the top five playoff matchups. The first two games are in Las Vegas, and the second two games are in Seattle. The top five lines in the NHL are determined by how many times each team’s name appears in the standings. Top five controversies are just that, controversies. I love controversy, so this series is an absolute must. It’s also a fun way to give your hockey fans something to talk about on social media, Twitter, etc.

Yes, the western conference is the best. That’s why it’s the top five matchups. So, that means that the two teams with the best records in each conference are against each other. I’m a little worried that the lines for the first two games are going to be the same as the other games, but we’ll see.

As a follow up to the previous controversy, I actually think there are better lines to make for the next two games. The lines for the first two games are better than the other games, and I think that means the teams with better records are going to play each other. Its not like its a matchup of two teams that have identical records with no reason for a tie.

Well, the same goes for the lines for the first two games. As for the rest, I like the lines a little bit better. If something changes again, I’ll probably give it more thought.

I don’t think I’m going to be watching any of the games, I think I might have to get back to work, but I do have a couple of questions for the coaches.

Is there any chance that the lines that we have will be changed? The ones we have are far from perfect, but they work decently for me.

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