Handbook of Data Management1999 Edition

By 2015, SNOMED will become the standard terminology for EHR encoding of diagnoses and problem lists . The Unified Medical Language System’s [13–16] Metathesaurus is an excellent source of pairs of terminologies with matched concepts. The 2012AB Metathesaurus contains more than 2.8 million concepts and 8.6 million unique concept names from about 160 source vocabularies .

The second most common situation indicated the possibility of adding more detail to SNOMED CT or the reference terminologies (57 out of 241, corresponding to 23.6%). In 35 cases new synonyms were discovered, and three pairs of concepts indicated errors. As future work, we plan to conduct a study to analyze structurally congruent concepts between pairs of any two META terminologies with explicitly defined hierarchical relationships, e.g., not limited to SNOMED CT being Terminology 2. We are also planning a more extensive evaluation of the results. The work in this paper was limited to pairs of structurally congruent concepts.

You can enter a word by copy & post, drag & drop, or by typing in the search box above to get the meanings of harmonize. That is, the objects of international banking regulation exhibit great harmonization across lack of knowledge synonym countries. Concept X is a real world synonym of concept Y, which was previously not recognized by the UMLS editors. Both concepts X and Y have the same parent A in Terminology 1 and in Terminology 2.

Such insertions should only be done with approval of a subject matter expert. There is no synonymy relationship and no hierarchical relationship between X and Y . Both concepts X and Y have the same child B in Terminology 1 and in Terminology 2.

The Grocery Manufacturers of America wants a harmonization of standards for imported food. Of the rationalistic heritage from the Wolffian tradition which still dominates Kant’s pure general logic with the manifest epistemological intention of his transcendental theory. The definition of accordance means to have come to an understanding, or to be in agreement.

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