Here’s Why Eyelash Extensions Cause Pain To You

Eyelash Extensions

If you’re a fashionista, you definitely love to wear those lovely eyelash extensions that add more panache to your looks. And if that’s the case, you must have also felt some discomfort at least once. Unfortunately, some ladies have to tolerate it most times and they think that it’s normal. At Lash Spa, we have successfully made eyelash pain a thing of the past. With cutting-edge technology and expertise, our professionals make eyelash-wearing a seamless experience for ladies. 

And our mission is to give this experience to every woman out there. So in this blog, we’ll tell you the major reasons that make eyelash extensions troublesome for you. With this knowledge, you will surely become a wise use of this new-age fashion accessory.

Reasons that make eyelash extensions painful for you

Experts have suggested that wearing eyelashes will cause pain only due to the following causes. So enlighten yourself and cut all the troubles from your eye makeup.

Inferior Quality Gum

The quality of glue affects the overall disposition of the eyelash to a large extent. If it contains harmful chemicals, it can hurt your eyes and can even cause some long-lasting issues. So how do you ensure that the extension you get is made with high-quality glue? The best way of doing it is to avoid cheap ones and to get them from a reliable provider. 

Faulty Application

Besides the quality of the gum, the way of applying is another major factor behind the pain. It’s not always necessary that you find a professional who knows how to make this process painless. Actually, there are many salons where you find novices doing this job. And as a result, the extensions are placed too close to the eyelids. This causes major discomfort to the ladies.

Hasty Removal By Yourself

Extensions that are applied by experts also have to be removed by them. This is important because these accessories are implemented with extreme care and attention. Also, you cannot expect yourself to do the job with the same proficiency that professionals have.  Instead, it assigns this specific task to someone who knows this process in and out. It rules out any chances of damage to your natural eyelashes. 

Going For Wrong Extension

For all obvious reasons, you’d like to pick a thick and long extension so your eyes could stand out. But wait, do you think your natural eyelashes can bear all that weight? Before going to any sort of extension, you must ask an expert. They can examine your natural eyelashes and can suggest you the right thing. The only thing you need to do is to find an expert.


An eyelash extension can add splendor and sublimity to your looks. But you need to make sure that this charming accessory doesn’t turn into a source of pain. And for that, you need to get it done with the help of an expert. The Lash Spa assures the safe and convenient application of eyelash extensions. With us, eyelash pain becomes a thing of the past. 

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