Forget hockey stick picture: 10 Reasons Why You No Longer Need It

I love hockey but there are times that I wish I would just shoot myself. There is a saying that goes “you don’t want to die in a car accident” – that was the thought that led me to create this great hockey stick picture.

It’s a great story about a guy with a problem – it’s basically a big fat black hole.

The idea of a black hole is a bit extreme but it is a great reminder that you dont want to die. And if you do choose to die in a car accident, you better have something you can take with you to help you survive.

One of the biggest arguments against the idea of a black hole was that it wouldn’t cause any of the other planets to evaporate. Of course, that was not the case. A black hole is a really big black hole, and it is the largest one that exists in the universe. We are not dealing with a black hole here. We are dealing with a black hole that has taken the path of an asteroid. You can see its path as the black line between the two green dots.

The black hole at the center of our universe just passed a large asteroid. It was traveling at about 50,000 kilometers per hour (40,000 miles per hour) at the moment it passed. Even with the gravitational pull of the black hole, the asteroid would have stopped moving. But the asteroid was not able to do so because it was too far away from the black hole, so it had to collide with it.

We can call this object the “Hobbit” or the “Hobbit hole”, but it’s not just any hole. This is the well-known “hole in the center of the Earth”, or the “hole in the universe”. It is the central point on the surface of the Earth where the mass of the Earth is concentrated.

The black hole’s energy is not limited by the laws of physics because it has no limits in space. It can send out energy in every direction at the speed of light, or it can just send out a blast of energy at speed, leaving no trace. It was not a black hole, but a singularity. A singularity is a point where space and time are merged into one entity.

The singularity theory of black holes was one of Einstein’s most important discoveries, and it has been called the “discovery of everything.” It’s a theory that has been developed for decades, but was only finally confirmed in the late 1980s. It’s considered to be the most important scientific discovery of the last century.

The singularity theory is pretty old. While everyone was doing their best to explain what it was, the theory was never much more than a theory. It was until 1999, when the theory was finally confirmed, that it was actually confirmed, and it was the discovery of everything. No one really cared about what the singularity theory was until that time, and then it became the most important scientific discovery of the last century.

In the early days of the singularity theory, it was more of a theory than a scientific discovery. The theory was just a collection of ideas, and people were doing their best to fit this theory into a physical theory. The singularity theory was actually confirmed in 1999, but it took another two decades for the actual proof that it was true to come about. And in the meantime, it had been a theory for years.

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