How to Get More Results Out of Your illinois state hockey playoffs

When I first started watching the Illinois State Hockey Playoffs I was in awe. I don’t know about you, but I have watched many a hockey game on TV and it wasn’t until I saw how the teams played that I really got into the game. The fact is, I have been to many a hockey game, and this was the biggest one I have ever been to.

This year’s Illini are looking to get a big win this weekend in the second round of the NCAA Frozen Four. They will look to defeat Wisconsin, the No. 2 team in the tournament, and go on to beat both Michigan and Minnesota to advance to the Frozen Four. In the first round, Illinois is expected to beat Minnesota, who is in the first round too because the Frozen Four is held there on the weekend after the regular season is over.

Illini are 3-0 in the NCAA hockey tournament and I’ve never seen an Illini hockey game that was more entertaining or better played. This game was the perfect example. The Illini were on the attack and the Badgers were defending all the time. This was a case where they had to just keep going until they were done with the puck.

In the second period Illini center Matt Calvert took a shot that went across the goal line and into the net. There was no penalty called and his shot was saved by Minnesota goalie Ryan Berg. Illini defenseman Kyle Palmieri, who had been with the team for years, had to run after the puck to check it out of the net. He missed the net and the puck bounced off his stick and into the net, but it was too late.

It was like a hockey game in the middle of a hockey game.

As it turned out, Berg actually got a penalty and could have saved the game. He was called for high sticking (but it was a non-goal). A penalty called on him, but not a goal, is a penalty that can be called on a player, and that penalty could have easily been called on Berg.

I think there are two reasons for this. One, the stick and puck were both held by the same player. It’s not like you could have a hockey game without the puck. It might be a hockey game in the middle of a hockey game. Two, even though it was a “goal” that was called on Berg, it was still a penalty that could have been called on Berg. Berg was hit with a 5 on the power play where he would have to take a penalty.

I don’t think it was a goal that was called, but it was a penalty that could have been called. The penalty could have been called because Berg was hit. It was not a goal.

I hate to be the guy that says everything is a joke, but I think this is the best state hockey playoffs I have ever seen. The players are so skilled, and they work so hard that I am amazed they all make it to the finals. Plus, the game is so fast and furious, it’s really exciting. It’s like watching a game of professional hockey, only with goalies, not guys who just get the puck to dump it.

Of course, this is all just one fan’s opinion. I’m not a big hockey fan, but I do follow the Chicago Blackhawks. I think it is a shame that the state hockey playoffs are only in Chicago. It is ridiculous that the hockey fans in Illinois only have one team competing in the state playoffs. I would love to see teams like Illinois State, Illinois State, Illinois Tech, Illinois State, and Illinois Tech compete against each other in a state hockey playoff.

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