The Truth About Life Insurance: How It CAN Build Generational

Let me put money into putting all this knowledge that’s inside my head into a course, go out there, serve the people, and that will produce income, and I never left my house. So I racked up about thirty-five thousand dollars in debt before I even turned eighteen and a half. Hey, don’t worry about budgeting. Just go get whatever you can get, enjoy life.” And then I woke up one day, and I found that I put myself into all this debt. This book is clear & to the point and packed full of helpful and important advice for parents & students.

And so, you know, I grew up in a very strong home. There was no conversations about money, no conversations about entrepreneurship. I have been looking forward to this all week, and every time—I know my cheeks are going to hurt by the end because every time pay off minto money I talk to you, I laugh so hard. We had that opportunity when we were with our friend Terry to have a dinner together, and, literally, I left thinking, “Oh, my gosh. That was the most-fun experience ever.” So I was just so excited to have you on the show.

Now, if you start making a half million to a million dollars within your business, then, yeah. So I had to throw out a benchmark as far as, I mean, I think there are seasons. So get a financial advisor even if it’s just to sit down with you to help you understand how to invest into your 401. But as your income grows, so will the responsibility and the wisdom and the knowledge your financial advisor will give you.

However, listening to the Audible version was painful!! Anthony O’Neal has knowledge to impart, but he sounds like he is reading a book that someone else has written for the first time. His cadence, tone, and unnecessary emphasis on words throughout a sentence was distracting.

Don’t miss this powerful convo with Ryan… So for every one hundred dollars, give God back ten dollars. And a lot of people say, “Well, how’s that the best piece of money advice?

And so today I’m just out here teaching people on my own of really how to be financially free, how to avoid debt, and really how to live the life that you want to live within your means. If I know one thing about you, I know that you like money. You like to talk about it, you like to make it, and you love hearing experts spill their knowledge around how to maximize it and be a smarter money manager. I also know that you’re incredibly generous, and the more money you make, the more money you will give. So money is an important thing personally and professionally, which is why I’m so freaking excited to share today’s episode with you. Looking for more than a J-O-B?

So, that’s the second mistake that I see, especially within the entrepreneur space, mistake that I have, which goes back to the budget and the vision. If they had a clear budget, that second mistake will be avoided. And so I would say start with a financial advisor as soon as you can afford it because you want to grow with that person so they can properly advise you. And so actually, you have a few different courses in the works coming out, but one is coming out very soon.

And they don’t see the personal side, because that’s none of their business. Upgrade the word to the vision. Where am I going with my money?

I serve ambitious and purpose-minded people who are on a journey towards mental, spiritual, and financial freedom. ONeal believes millennials in particular struggle with forging healthy relationships, which is why he regularly talks about this topic on his show. ONeal’s “aha” moment didn’t happen when he was homeless, $35,000 in debt and living in his car, but rather once he moved in with his dad in Oceanside, California, a suburb of San Diego.

His passion for teaching young people how to avoid student loan debt is evident. His voice picks up pace and I can tell this message is what he lives for. “How is it that we will protect our young people from smoking and drinking before age 21, but you can sign $100,000 of loan paperwork to go to school?

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