what is a deke in hockey

A deke is a puck that was thrown when an opposing player was not at his best. They were going to score on the goalie.

It’s a common thing in hockey when a puck is thrown when the goalie is not at his best. It’s a bit of an unfair way of scoring, but it makes for a fun play during the game.

A deke is something that was thrown at the goalie when he was off his game. Its also a common thing in hockey when a goalie is not at his best. Its a bit of an unfair way of scoring when two players are going for the same goal.

This is a very common thing in hockey, but it makes it very fun to watch and makes the game more exciting. Hockey can be a very physical game, but it can also be a very fun way to end the game.

A deke is a throw that is thrown into the net by the goalie. One of the main reasons why so many players want to play hockey, it is the most exciting sport there is. The game is played on ice and it is played at a very high speed. The goalie is always trying to make the deke as big as possible. When he does it right, he takes control of the puck and throws it into the net.

Another reason why so many hockey players want to play the sport, is that dekes are a lot of fun. They are fast, and the goalie can have fun bouncing the puck back and forth, sometimes getting it in a net. In hockey, it is very common to see a goalie deke. This is especially true in the NHL, where the goalie is usually the best player on his team, so the goalie is usually the deke. It is also a very good skill to have.

The best dekes are the ones who can make quick movements and keep themselves in the centre of things. This could be because it is easier to play with your body and hands, or because you can’t get the puck out of your zone or make a save anymore. It is much more difficult to play the deke role without this ability. The ability to move quickly and keep a strong position in the centre of things, is certainly one of the best reasons to play hockey.

In hockey, the deke is the player who is most used in the offensive zone. However, the deke can also be used in the defensive zone. Because the deke is so easily moved from offence to defence, its better to use it in the latter to help your defence. The deke can also be used in the offensive zone to create space for a puck carrier to move through.

The deke is one of the most effective offensive players on the ice. And of course, if you play your defensive-zone hockey well enough, you can make your offence more effective by moving the deke quickly around the perimeter of the offensive zone. The deke isn’t the only offensive player on the ice though. The best players in hockey are also good at being able to quickly move around the ice.

There are two ways to make your offence more effective. You can use the deke to open up space for your players, or you can use the deke to create space for your players to move around the ice. Because the deke is an offensive player, its job is to move around the ice quickly with a little extra speed. This means that the deke needs to be ready to act quickly. A quick pass to the deke is not likely to get the puck past the goalie.

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