Finding Neevilas Homes in Delhi: Your Guide to Their Office

Neevilas Homes, a real estate company specializing in residential and commercial plots in North East Delhi, might be your one-stop shop for finding your dream property. But before you dive into their offerings, you might want to know where their office is located. This article will be your guide to finding Neevilas Homes’ office in Delhi.

Neevilas Homes Focuses on North East Delhi

Based on information available online, Neevilas Homes primarily deals in plots located in Sabhapur Extension, North East Delhi. This area offers several advantages, including proximity to the Sonia Vihar Metro Station, Delhi Dehradun Expressway, and other key locations within the city.

The Address and Contact Information

Neevilas Homes’ registered office address is listed as B-129, Shri Ram Vatika, Sabhapur Extension, Tronica City Road, opposite Mata Annapurna Mandir, Delhi 110090. You can also find their phone number listed as +918090100798 for any inquiries.

Finding Neevilas Homes on Maps

For a more visual representation, you can use Google Maps or another mapping application to search for “Neevilas Homes, Delhi” or enter their full address. This will provide you with a map and directions to their office location.

Additional Tips for Reaching Neevilas Homes

Public Transportation: Since their office is situated near the Sonia Vihar Metro Station, taking the metro can be a convenient and affordable option.

Parking: While specific information on parking availability at their office isn’t readily available online, it’s advisable to contact them beforehand if you plan to drive.

Visiting Hours: There’s no mention of specific visiting hours on their website. It’s best to call them in advance to confirm their operating hours and schedule an appointment if necessary.

Beyond the Office: Neevilas Homes Online Presence

While visiting their office allows for a face-to-face interaction, Neevilas Homes also maintains an online presence. Their website,, provides an overview of their services and highlights some of their projects.

Exploring Neevilas Homes’ Offerings

The website showcases their expertise in residential and commercial plots. They seem to specialize in DDA-approved plots, offering options that might suit various budgets.

Beyond the Website:

For a more comprehensive understanding of Neevilas Homes’ offerings and current inventory, consider exploring these additional avenues:

Social Media: Check if Neevilas Homes has a presence on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. They might use these platforms to showcase their properties and share updates.

Online Listings: Real estate portals like Magicbricks or 99acres might feature listings by Neevilas Homes. Browsing these platforms can provide you with a wider perspective on their available properties.


Neevilas Homes’ office is situated in Sabhapur Extension, North East Delhi. This article has equipped you with the address, contact information, and tips for reaching their office. We’ve also explored their online presence and suggested avenues for delving deeper into their offerings. By combining a visit to their office with exploring their online resources, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of Neevilas Homes and whether they can help you find your ideal property in Delhi.


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